.hu transfer

  1. Register on DotRoll.com
  2. Order your domain name
  3. Download and print the required documents. You may do this after clicking on the domain name in our system.
    • In case of a company, the contract must be signed by the owner or the authorized representative of the company.

Upload your signed documents into our system. If you can not facilitate digital transfer, you may also send your documents via regular mail or fax, which our customer service will attach to your domain order.

    • If ordering for an organization, you have to attach the inauguration documents to the contract.
  1. Payment. You must proceed with your payment during the 14 day waiting period. You may do so via credit / debit card or via wire transfer. You may transfer money from any account, but you have to mark your domain name in question.
  2. Your transfer is being processed. This takes 2-3 workdays.
  3. The administrative contact (Admin-C) will be notified via e-mail. Your electronic invoice will be created and may be downloaded from our system.
  4. You may freely configure your domain name using our system. 
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